A New Direction

Hello all, this is my new blog for my new Handicraft business! I have expanded into sewn, knitted and crocheted clothes, hats. scarves, cowls, mug warmers, cafetiere warmers, and anything else I can think of to make! I might even put up a couple of cross-stitch embroideries as well. I will also be a selling a variety of yarns and wools  here once I’m up and going again. Look out for special discounts!

Grey Merino Scalloped Handwarmers

I have a new name on Twitter – @LookingGlassD and will be tweeting again soon.

And of course you will be able to buy from my Etsy Shop, my Folksy Shop and also from Ebay – a few supplies will be on ebay as I have materials to sell from my “Mrs. Dressup” days.

Blue Mohair Scalloped Scarf & Handwarmers
Pink Fun Fur Scarf

An interesting direction I am going to go in will be Kanzashi flowers and wedding veils. I am currently making a wedding veil for a friend and will be starting to make the flowers soon – lots to learn! The flowers are a Japanese folded fabric flower usually only worn now for brides and apprentice Geisha. They will take practice to get really good at, but look like a lot of fun too! I will have lots of fun researching and looking for fabric to make them from . they are usually made from silk  – that will be a tricky fabric to work with, I’m sure! Keep an eye out for my attempts to make them – I’m sure I will blog about it on here.

Spiral Fun Fur Scarf



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