Slow Days, Cold Days

It’s June. I should be on my allotment picking gooseberries, redcurrants and blackcurrants. Instead I am at home, trying to decide whether or not to hang wet clothes outside or not in case of rain. We’ve had several days where it’s felt much more like October than June. Yes, I know I live in the UK, but really, we need some sun! It’s definitely not the summer the Water Companies expected when they put a hosepipe ban in place because we were having a drought! We’ve had so much rain in the UK there has been flooding in places.

I have left a few items up on Etsy from my previous incarnation and I’ve sold a Tool Belt – in blue – to a mum in Australia for her son’s birthday. She’s said she will send me pics, if so, I’ll put them up on here.  I think it turned out well; it’s one item I will be coming up with a PDF for,  along with some of the other items like the Fleece Masks and the Humpty Dumpty applique. I have to figure out the easiest way to make PDF’s first. any suggestions?

I’m going to start Tweeting again – I dropped it for a bit because I didn’t have anything to talk about, I’m @LookingGlassD if you’d like to follow me – I do competitions and giveaways on Twitter and I also will be on here too, once I can get my butt in gear a bit!

I may be doing some samples so may not be putting up as much new stuff as planned; we’ll have to wait and see! I am working on a couple of projects at the same time – one is a ruffled scarf  – there are so many patterns out there for them – I’ve done 3 different ones – and this one is in the same grey mohair yarn as the handwarmers on the right.  I doubled up the yarn on those and I haven’t with the scarf; it looks rather butterfly-ish right now. The others are a Pixie Hat & a Ring Hairband that I’ve designed – I’m not completely happy with the finished one, and will probably make 1 more before putting it up to sell – I need to work on attaching the rings to the band, but it wasn’t a bad first attempt! Perhaps good enough for a Giveaway?


I’ll add photos tomorrow once camera batteries have been charged!


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