New Stuff

I hate calling my new items ‘stuff’, really, but ‘items’ doesn’t work for me either. Need to find a new synonym for them!

Coffee Brown Takeaway Cupwarmer

Coffee Cup Warmers – for both ceramic and takeaway cups. These are lots of fun to knit – and fast too. I’ve got a pattern for a corset one, but haven’t found the right yarn for it yet. (Sorry for the huge size, I have a choice of huge or tiny for some reason!)

Crochet Ruffled Scarf

More Scarves – I love this yarn, it’s fast to knit and even faster to crochet – the colourway I have now is my avatar on Twitter and would go with any colour coat except for pastels.

Blue Fun Fur Twisty Scarf

This scarf is a very long, thin twisty scarf in fun fur – it’s very solid, and is very long! Can you tell I prefer interesting scarves?

Interlaced Circles Crochet Ecru Hairband

This is the Headband I mentioned before that I wasn’t completely happy with. When I can I will make another, and maybe get it better finished off. It’s made up of 11 interlocking crochet rings attached to a chain row and tied at the ends. I’d like to be able to dye the crochet cotton I’m using as I only have this colour but I’m not sure which dye to try and if it will even work. Anyone else ever dyed DMC Petra Cotton?

Pink Fun Fur Scarf

And 1 more scarf, this one in Pink Fun Fur; I doubled up on the yarn and it is very thick and warm.

I am also going to have to find a model to photograph my items on or get a mannequin. I think I know which one will be easier!


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