Changing with the Times

I’ve been selling some supplies on Ebay that I had bought for Mrs. Dressup products, but as I have changed direction, I no longer need them. I’ve been surprised at how quickly some of the tulle/dress net has sold, and I have unfortunately had a few non-payers as well. 3mm ribbon will take a little longer to get rid of, it seems!

Soft Roll Tulle

Tulle, elastic, ribbons, and some fabric as well will be going up, or is already up. Other fabric I’ll be able to use for new items, or will eventually sell on.

I do find it very odd how some people behave on Ebay. If you click ‘Buy It Now’ you are buying it, not the opportunity to mess the seller about and get nasty because you didn’t read the listing properly. *sigh*

I will try to create some PDF’s to sell from the patterns I created for Mrs. Dressup and they will be up on Etsy, when they are ready. I have to research how to make a pattern PDF without a scanner….


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