Sun Hats, Rainy Days and Tool Belts

Son’s Fluted Hat

I’ve made this sun hat for my son, it matches his new nursery’s colours so I hope he will be allowed to wear it when he starts in September. It looks very cute on him, and he chose velcro instead of a bow to hold it on. I used a very small button hole for the tie, just pull it out pop it back through the other way and the hat is reversed. The ones he’s wearing in the other photos will be up on Etsy tomorrow.

Spotty Hat

Tie Dye Hat

Son doesn’t always smile!

We haven’t had much opportunity to wear sunhats this year here in the UK, but hopefully we will get at least a few days to enjoy being outside. But it doesn’t rain all the time, or for a few hours or at a steady pace; it will drizzle for 10 minutes, then stop, then start up again but be raining cats and dogs. The the sun will come out and you wish you didn’t have a coat on and an umbrella to carry.

Rainy 10 Minutes

I’ve been selling a few of my tool/gardening/fishing belts lately and I think I might start to put a couple of ready-made ones up in 2 sizes – the size currently on my listings for 3-5 year olds and a larger one for 6-9 year olds. I’ll be switching to a woven nylon strapping instead of belts and add snap clips so I can make the larger ones more easily – the strapping is cheaper and more sturdy if for outdoor use than belts. Comments from the buyer on ebay of the tool belt that went to Australia: Very friendly and quick communication and very happy with tool belt. Thanks! & It’s great though. The colours are really nice and it’s just what he needs. I am sure he will love it. Will send photo when we give it to him. I’ve left you feedback, thanks very much for great service and friendly emails and the tool belt is very cute! I’ll post the photos when I get them!
Tool Belt


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