Boho Bag Review – Audrey’s Cat on Etsy

When I started on Etsy & Twitter one of the first shops I looked at was Audrey’s Cat. It’s owned by Dawn Witt, a lovely lady who loves vintage fabrics and makes various bags, cushions, jewellery and very cute small stuffed animals out of her finds.

I mentioned to my husband that I liked her bags and then when Christmas was approaching, I emailed him one of her listings as a further nudge. He bought the bag. Smart man. I got this bag, as requested:

Floral Boho Bag

I love it. I get all sorts of compliments on it when I’m out and about. The fabric is lovely, a cottage garden floral (what I’d like my garden to be but isn’t!) It’s big enough for me to throw some books and a water bottle in it when out with my son, but small enough that it doesn’t feel like I’m carrying half the house in a nappy bag. It will sit on my shoulder without sliding off and the strap is the perfect length for me – not too long and not too short. It’s also a nice width and not too narrow. Most bags will slide off my shoulders and I hate that.

Boho Bag

The bag is lined with a black cotton fabric and closes with a loop and button. Because the bag is so unstructured and the opening doesn’t stay open on it’s own, it’s actually fairly hard to get your hand in it without holding the bag open. A zip would make it stiffer and easier to get into and possibly pick-pocketed, IMHO. The small pocket inside is the perfect size for an Oyster card/Rail wallet and is made in the same vintage fabric as the outside so it’s easy to see against the black fabric.

Close-up of Fabric

The bag has been well-made. The stitching is even and hasn’t unravelled at all, even though I have washed it several times; the latest due to a mashed banana I didn’t know was in the bag…. the colour hasn’t faded, and the black fabric hasn’t run, which I worried about before putting it in the wash.

I can’t comment on how quickly my husband got it as I don’t know when he ordered it, but I’m sure that Dawn’s customer service is at least as good as her sewing skills.

I will definitely get another of Dawn’s bags when I need a new one, but as well as this one is lasting, that could be quite a while…… (but my anniversary IS coming up……..)


3 thoughts on “Boho Bag Review – Audrey’s Cat on Etsy

  1. Aw thanks! it’s always a joy to hear from a happy customer! Glad you are enjoying your bag – and thanks for taking the time to put together this review . Hope you all enjoy many outing together this summer ( should we ever get one that is ….)
    Dawn of AudreysCat x

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