Guest Blog Post – Keeping Baby Amused

This is my first Guest Post! It’s from Mother Hen Strikes Again. She has a great blog about being a Mum with a baby and wanting to craft too. I’ll be writing a post for her too – so look for it in the next couple of weeks!

Bottle Filled with Water, Sequins, Googly Eyes and Pom Poms

Everyone knows as soon as Baby becomes mobile, they no longer want to be strapped into anything! They’d rather be off playing or emptying out your kitchen cupboards or using your ornaments as hammer! So to keep BabyQ entertained, I usually give him something to play with. Usually pots or pans that aren’t breakable and wooden spoons etc. However I do try and make him things to play with, such as a Fabric Box which have also kept him in his highchair quietly whilst I’ve cooked.

Ribbon Ring

Fabric Box Filled with Many Squares of Fabric!

The thing I love most though is reusing plastic bottles before they are recycled. Take an empty plastic bottle and fill it with water about half way, you don’t want it to be too heavy. Then add pipe cleaners, sequins, googly eyes, just about anything that makes it interesting to baby. Now you have your very own baby toy, made by you for baby. When they are bored of it, empty out and try another combination or recycle the bottle.

Other variations are putting rice/lentil/pasta in the bottle and creating a shaker… perfect for useing thoes ingredients that are out of date! It may not sound very interesting or high tech, but the truth is baby gets bored just like we do, the fact it’s something new and different will keep them entertained. If it only last 20 minutes whilst we make the dinner then I feel it’s a great accomplishment!

Bottle filled with Rice and Pipe Cleaners, Spoon, Bath Math and Saucepan Lid!

How do you keep Baby in their highchair?

Mother Hen Strikes Again


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