Tool Belts and Pdf’s….

I have been making a few tool belts lately so decided that the next time I made one I would decide on the optimal way to make one and write it down. I also decided to make and list a larger size as that’s what I seem to be making lately. So on Saturday I finished off one that’s on it’s way to a boy in Florida and started on another one for 6-9 year olds. I’ve made the belt longer and the pouches bigger. It will look basically the same as the smaller one.

Tool Belt w/ Flaps

Toddler’s Tool Belt

As I’ve done each step I’ve stopped and written down what I did, so this tool belt took 3 times as long as usual. And I’ve changed how I do a few steps as I went along too, so it’s a bit easier to do. I’ll be putting the PDF of the instructions up for sale on Etsy once a few people who sew have had a chance to proof-read it for me.

Child’s Tool Belt w/ Flaps

I’ll add a few photos as well to the PDF, there are a few steps that it’s easier to figure out with a photo than by just words.

What do you think of kits? Would you buy a kit of the material already cut out ready to sew with everything but needle and thread?


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