Never make a hat for a bald man

Well, when I was making my toddler sunhats my hubby asked me to make him one in the same style. So I did. I redrew the pattern bigger and made him one in the fabric he chose, a blue stripe & cream pattern with a twill cream inside. My hubby has only a little fringe of hair around his ears and he keeps it short (I have to clip it for him). He wouldn’t let me take a photo of him before I took the hat in, but here are a few once I had pinned it. The bit sticking out the back was how much I had to pull in, almost 1 whole panel!

Hubby’s Striped Hat
Looking Left
The Back
The Front

To be fair, even if he HAD hair it would have been a bit big, but probably not enough to need taking in…… but he has decided the shape is too similar to a baby bonnet, esp on him! (Can I laugh now?)

Of course, on our son the style looks great:

Son’s SunHat

Maybe it’s an age thing? Or is it a hair/no hair thing? hmmmmm………….

(Yes, he knows I’m posting the photos online)

And yes, he does wear it to garden in, reversed so the stripes are on the inside but won’t wear it off our property.


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