Distractions. I’ve got ’em. We’ve all got ’em. One of mine is a 3 1/2 year old son who loves to unravel balls of yarn and drape them around the house. Another is time. I don’t get a lot of time to create and design. Come September I will get a bit more; my son will go back to a new nursery 2 days a week and I’ll get that time again, plus Saturdays, and a few Fridays when my hubby can work from home. And running concurrently to making and creating (and hopefully selling) is a new passion of mine – being a Doula.

What is a Doula, I can almost hear most of you say. Well, a Doula is a knowledgeable layperson who has learnt about pregnancy and birth, and supports women and their partners ante- & post-natally and during birth in whatever way the couple wish – without judging them. I’ll be starting a new blog about that, I’ll reblog some of my posts on that one when I start.

And then I find more fabric….. I love any crafting material, just about, (not keen on pipe cleaners) and you can turn fabric into so many things…. knitting and crocheting are almost like making your own fabric. This fabric below is from an Etsy Seller – Lu Summers and her Shop I love her fabric and when she mentioned on Twitter that she had a sale on, I had to buy some. I’m going to make another summer hat from the Coal fabric; it’s called Town. My son calls it ‘The Car Fabric’.

Sumersville Fabrics

And then there is ME. I can procrastinate for the UK and Canada combined. But procrastinate in a slightly different way. I have about 4 projects not done yet, but start more. I notice a yarn I haven’t used yet and have to try it. I have a dozen projects in my head I haven’t started yet. Some I’m thinking about how to make them, and others I am gathering advice on materials or polling friends on pricing. Or I have everything to make the project and haven’t gotten to it yet…. And of course there is the internet! I have over 120 patterns in my Ravelry Library and more in my head. And one day I will have a go at Kanzashi flowers too.

I have managed to make some Halloween bracelets and a couple more bags are almost done…..

Halloween Bags
Halloween Bracelet

Putting them on here will hopefully make me finish the bags! and here’s one I finished:

Frankenstein’s Monster Bag

You can find him here.


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