Crafting, Making and Selling

I love to craft. I always have. When I was 7/8 one of my older sisters gave me a rug-hooking to do. I still remember it – a 12″ square with an owl in the middle. It turned out that my teacher that year loved owls. I stayed up late each night to finish it before school ended so I could give it to her as a present. She loved it – or at least she said she did! I also finished my twin’s kit as she just wasn’t interested in finishing it.

The Tailor of Gloucester

I was given kits at first and would finish them right away – satin stitch pictures, rug-hooking, bead/sequin & pin kits (pushing those pins in hurt your fingers) and then my Godmother gave me a cookie (biscuit) tin. It was a beautiful tin with a rose and trellis design and I’m sure I still have it somewhere. In the tin was thread, a hoop, a needle and a pillowcase with a printed pattern of roses on the end. No instructions because she was going to show me how to stitch it. Once she showed me how to make those little x’s I was hooked. I cross-stitched all the time.


I did meander into knitting and crochet, flower-drying and sewing at school amongst other crafts in sewing and textile classes, but at home I mostly cross-stitched. In my 20’s I worked in a Craft store and learned decoupage, beading, and painting plaster Christmas ornaments. I really got into those ornaments and bought tons of paint and painted hundreds to give away as presents or to a charity to sell. Once my Mum bought the ornaments I made for that charity sale and gave them to me for Christmas….. but I still cross-stitched.

Most of the Cross-stitches I have made I gave as gifts. I think I’m going to have to bite the bullet and list them on Etsy. I know I won’t get back for the time involved in them, but hope that the buyer will appreciate the effort and time that went into making the piece……….. which is your favourite?

Cool Cats
Day – Teresa Wentzler
Close up of corner

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