Review – Naturally Good Food Wholefood Supplier

I am still eating low-carb – or trying to! I have begun to lose a little weight. I decided that in order for me to continue, I needed to keep in some snacks for me, so I looked around for a supplier of almonds – ground or otherwise. Ground almonds in my local Co-op Grocery Store are expensive at 2.09 for 150g. (That works out to about £14/kg)

I found Naturally Good Food and they carry all sorts of organic and wholefood items. I stuck with the ground almonds – a 2.5 KG bag at £20.15 plus £6.50 postage. That works out to £10.60/kg with postage. I did consider getting some dried fruit but decided to wait and see what the almonds were like before ordering more.

A few days after ordering I got an email letting me know that the order was delayed as they weren’t happy with the ground almond delivery they got as it was opened and they weren’t happy selling them. I got an email on August 23 that my order was being delivered the next day between 10AM and. It was actually delivered at about 2:30PM…..

Delivery Box

While I did wait a lot longer than I expected for my ground almonds (about 2 weeks longer), I am happy with the reason why they decided to wait on sending my order to me. It shows that quality is something they care about. I hope my next order will come a lot faster!

2.5KG bag Ground Almonds

I was pleasantly surprised to find a Sample Box (I got Sample A) when I opened the order. Inside were 4 small bags – all organic dried fruit – sultanas, apricots, dates and figs. I immediately offered a fig to my 3 year old who refused it, then said he wanted a date. He finally tried an apricot and wanted to eat the whole little bag – there were about 8-9 in there (they are the tiniest dried apricots I have ever seen!) I tried all 3 and left the sultanas for today. There was also a price list and a voucher for free postage on my next order when I include some dried fruit. I will be – they were all delicious! Prices were reasonable for dried organic fruit as well.

Sultana Sample

I will definitely use Naturally Good Food to order my nuts and dried fruit from.

And…..a recipe using Ground Almonds:

Almond and Seed Cookies:

(Adapted from this recipe by Elana from

These are a buttery, crunchy, not very sweet cookie reminiscent of a shortbread cookie made with ground almonds instead of flour.


2.5 cups almond flour/ground almonds
2/3 cup mixed seeds – pumpkin, sesame, flax and sunflower
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking soda
2.5 tbsp honey
1/2 c. melted butter
1 tsp vanilla

Mix the almonds, seeds, salt and baking soda together. Mix the butter, honey and vanilla together then pour into the dry bowl and mix well. You can shape immediately into walnut-sized balls and flatten on a cookie sheet or you can make a 1.5″ diameter log wrapped in cling film (plastic wrap) and set in the fridge for 30 minutes. Slice the log into slices and bake at 160’C for 8-10 minutes. If you cook the dough right away, the cookies will crumble more – I tend to do a little of both and save the log in the fridge until I want more cookies. This should make about 2 dozen cookies but it completely depends on how big you make them!

There are about 44g of carbs from the honey in the whole dough. So there isn’t many in each cookie, if you make 24, that’s less than 2g per cookie. There is probably some in the seeds, but I’m not counting those carbs! I’m going to try a savoury cracker next.


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