Day Out with Mr. Bloom – Get Set Grow

About 2 months ago, my hubby noticed on the Cbeebie’s website that we could try to get free Mr. Bloom – Get Set Grow tickets in King’s Lynn. We don’t live far from there so decided to enter. We got an email notification about a week before the show that we had gotten tickets and had to print them out.

On the day, we headed off to the train station and got to King’s Lynn with plenty of time to spare. Our son got really excited when he saw the Cbeebies sign from the train! It was maybe a 5 minute walk to the site, and we went in about 45 minutes early. We found a bug-watching event with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust that was just starting so we joined that and walked back to the river to look for bugs with nets and trays. We saw several different spiders (that little bright red one was a bit eeek!), beetles and wood lice. We headed back for the show and got in a line-up of people with tickets. Those without had to wait until all of those with tickets had been seated (we had to pick a specific show when we entered the competition for tickets). The tent was very large and very hot!

The Stage

We waited about 10 minutes, then the show started. It was set in Mr. Bloom’s nursery and we got to meet Grandma Bloom! There was a screen on each side of the stage that showed a loop of different vegetables and how they grew. During the show, they showed the stage and Mr. Bloom and all his Veggie Friends to those who were sat to the sides of the stage.

Grandma Bloom

I won’t tell you about the story, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but we laughed and sang songs and helped Mr. Bloom grow his plants. All the children enjoyed meeting Mr. Bloom in person (he is as cute in real life!) and were completely immersed in the story. My husband and I enjoyed it as well – it wasn’t sickly, saccharine sweet and made sure the audience was involved from the very beginning.

Mr. Bloom
Son & Hubby enjoying the show

But it wasn’t just the show! There were other tents with lots of activities for 3-7 year olds – lots of things to make – clay animals, birdhouses, paper crafts and also learning about the environment, what worms do, and looking at nature close-up – leaves, plants and bugs. Some sports-day style games called the Veggie Games were run after the show.

We went outside after the show with the rest of the audience and danced around for the production crew to film for the new series – you might see us, you never know!

One let-down was the food. There were only 2 food stalls. We had brought a picnic but my son didn’t want a tuna sandwich so we bought him a ham sandwich. It turned out to be 2 slices of cheap bread, 1 slice of shaved cheap ham, 1 lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato – and it was £2.50. My estimated cost of the sandwich (as a former chef) – about 30p.

Compo, Mr. Bloom and Grandma Bloom

All in all, though, we had a great day out, for almost nothing – train fares and the sandwich. We would recommend anyone with small children going to one of the Cbeebie’s live shows – this one was great! We got a free special Mr. Bloom Cbeebies magazine too, when we left, it was a big hit on the train ride home.

(I waited to post this review as I was waiting for an email to confirm it was OK to post photos before doing the review and no one from Cbeebies got back to me, so have gone ahead anyway).


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