Review – My Sewing Machine – SMD 2000

This is a review I first posted on my old blog and thought it was a good idea to repeat it again!

I’ve noticed I am getting a few Google Searches for my Sewing Machine – a Janome SMD 2000. So I thought I’d give a review.

It has been a very good buy, to start with. It’s easy to thread, and the needle threader is great, no more squinting to get the needle threaded. The bobbin winder is smooth and fast, and again, easy to figure out. I’ve used the Applique mode on a very fine, slippery polyester satin and the machine handled it well, no pulling or catching on the fabric even on a star shape applique.
It’s gone through 6 layers of fleece fabric without flinching and also has sewn tulle as well with the same ease. I have had the thread break once, but that was my fault, as I had sewn over a spot and the top thread had gotten tangled in the bobbin.

The free arm has also been handy as I make toddler-sized clothes (for my son now) so sometimes need the small diameter to get a straight seam around a curve. I haven’t tried the button-holer yet, but will comment on it when I have. When using it the machine stays where you put it and doesn’t slide around even though it isn’t a very heavy machine. It is still easy to lift and move around as I do need to move it to cut out fabric on the table it lives on. It is also quite quiet- I can use it with the door to my sewing room open while my son is napping next door with his door ajar. The foot control is good too, I can sew quite slowly with it without having to resort to using the wheel with my right hand to sew slowly as I have had to do with my previous machine.

The bonus for me was the free gifts – a 5 pack of new scissors, 50 spools of thread, 4 bobbins, tape measure, seam ripper, and 2 packs of needles. The thread is good quality and has a good choice of colours to choose from – the neon yellow one is very bright! I change thread colours all the time – so the 8 bobbins I got have come in handy – all are currently full. This made it easy to get started sewing as I had everything here ready to go once the machine was out of it’s box and plugged in.
The machine itself has been fuss-free and I would recommend it to any sewer who doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles. The 5 year guarantee that Sewing Machines Direct offer was also one reason I bought this machine instead of trying for a slightly cheaper machine off Ebay. If anyone has any questions they’d like me to answer, just comment below and I’ll answer as best I can!

ETA: Now that I have used the button-holer I can say that it works well; you put the button in the back and the machine automatically makes the right size button-hole – if your button is larger than 1″ you need to mark your fabric and make it manually, but even that is easy to do.
I’ve sewn through up to 6 layers of waterproof canvas with a denim needle and the machine was great – it had no problem going through such a thick amount of fabric. I do keep the instructions within easy reach so I can set the machine up quickly for specialist stitches and so I don’t have to rely on my memory and the book is easy to use and understand with lots of diagrams alongside the text.


11 thoughts on “Review – My Sewing Machine – SMD 2000

  1. Thank you for taking the time to review this machine. As a complete newbie I have been searching high and low for ‘the best’ machine in my price range. I think I have now found it and will call SMD in the morning to confirm a few further details. Thanks again.

    1. It’s a great machine – usually when something goes wrong it’s been user-error! Wrong needle in the machine, foot pedal turned to low instead of high, or the feed dog at the wrong setting. Or I’m trying to do a stitch on the wrong type of material….. do let me know how you get on!

  2. I have just ordered mine! Couldn’t decide whether to go for computerised, so hope I don’t regret this ,but your review convinced me

  3. Does this model have (ss) stretch stitches? I’m looking for a machine that can handle denim, silk, but also lyrca!!

    1. Hi – yes it does, for straight and zig-zag. I haven’t used lycra on it, but have used them on a knit t-shirt material and they were fine. there is also an edging stitch similar to an overlocker for finishing off the seam edges.

    1. HI – No, it doesn’t. There is a dial to adjust the tension with. I just try a few stitches on a scrap of the fabric I’m using to check it before working on my project.

  4. Thank you for this really helpful summary :). I think you’ve definitely just convinced me that this is the machine for me! 🙂

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