Catching Up Time

I have been trying to catch up on everything I didn’t manage to get done while I was painting pretty much my whole house to put it up for sale. (Do you know someone looking for a house in the Ely area?) I have done pretty well and have 2 projects almost done – the cardigan and a purple boob. The cardigan was a commission for Kara from Chelsea Mamma – she ran a very successful giveaway with one of my Pumpkin Bags recently.

I’ll post photos of both when I get them done – it’s still dark outside!

I have lots of ideas and not enough time to make them a reality, but there are 2 things I will be adding to my Etsy Shop – vouchers and 2 Christmas Items – hopefully in the next week. There are already so many Christmas decorations on Etsy that I don’t think there is any point in trying to make & sell any though! (Does that have you stumped?)

The recipes I’ve posted seem to have been a hit, so I’ll keep posting a recipe or 2 each month – and I will try to get photos of recipes we all have liked with following posts….. Photos, the bane of my existence…

I have all 3 belly castings here – the first one is 95% done but I’m holding on to it til I get an Owl Hat made that they have ordered. There have been some hiccups in varnishing it, I had some cracking so had to redo some spots. I’m going to leave more time between varnishing and painting esp when it’s been wet; that should help. It looks like there will be a 2 week finishing off time for those that want varnishing. The other 2 castings I have are being written on, so won’t be varnished by me.

I have one pet peeve right now. It’s queries that I answer or commissions I accept and then I never get a response back from that person. If they’ve changed their mind, that’s fine, but at least let me know!

And a note about commissions, I never start or purchase any materials (if needed) for them until I am paid. I always send a paypal invoice when a commission is accepted and wait for it to be paid.


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