Coffee Cup Warmers

I meant to post this one last week and forgot!

I’ve had these made for a while now, but with having to paint 75% of my house in the last 2 weeks, declutter in 4 hours for photos to put the house up for sale, I haven’t had much time to list (well, any) and have almost kept up with the making.

So today, (well, last week) now that house photos are taken, I listed 2 more Cup Warmers on Etsy. They are a cable knit version in dark brown (one has a caramel stripe) and have a button and loop to hold them on the cup. They are only £3 – and are one of a kind as I don’t have any more of that yarn. Take a peek here.

Striped Cable knit Cup Warmer
Brown Cable knit Cup Warmer

I also listed some small Fimo Animal Magnets as well last week; 2 have already sold.

Animal Magnets

I hope to start to get a few more things listed in the next few weeks……


2 thoughts on “Coffee Cup Warmers

    1. HI- I will be adding more, not quite sure when yet, hopefully before Christmas. If you want to email me on looking dot glass dot designs 12 at Gmail dot com we can discuss what you’d like!

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