Toddler Cardigans

I was never planning on making cardigans when I decided to start selling knitted and crocheted items. They take hours to make and generally don’t sell for the time taken. I saw a simple one in a Debbie Bliss knitting book and decided to make it as it was for toddlers. It’s in a very fine cashmere yarn and still isn’t finished, but is getting there.

Kara from Chelsea Mamma who has bought from me before when I was Mrs. Dressup, asked on Twitter if anyone knew where she could get some cardigans for her 18 month old little girl. (Where has the time gone? The first thing I made for Kara was a 1 year sized Tutu for her!) and I asked her what she wanted. She looked on and picked out 2 cardigans. Below is the first one.

Quilted Cross-stitch Cardigan Front
Back of Cardigan

And being modelled by the lovely Miss Chelsea Mamma –

Miss Chelsea Mamma in her new Cardigan

The other is almost half-done – it’s in navy blue and will be covered in crocheted flowers in yellow and white. No pink in sight….. 🙂 Photos of that one will show up soon….

Both will be in my Etsy Shop- I may as well, I’ve learned the patterns!


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