I’ve put my Christmas items up in my Etsy Shop now. I’ve got Reindeer Food and Letters from Santa/Father Christmas.

Santa/Father Christmas Letter with Reindeer Food
Santa/Father Christmas Letter

The reindeer food comes in a handmade burlap sack that I have stamped with your choice of Reindeer, Santa, Snowman, or Christmas Tree. Perfect for leading Santa to your door especially if you don’t have a chimney!

The Letter from Santa or Father Christmas is personalized with information you give me to put in, and can come with or without Reindeer Food. Just let me know who you want it from when you order! I’ll be putting the Letter in a red envelope and then in a plain envelope addressed to you so you can pick the perfect time to give it! The letter itself is printed on quality parchment paper and signed by Santa/Father Christmas to start off the Christmas Season perfectly! The envelope has a North Pole Postmark, direct from Santa himself.

Stamped Reindeer Food Sacks
Christmas Trees

I will be adding Burlap sacks in various sizes for gift-wrapping (stamped or unstamped) and wine bottle bags as well.


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