Christmas Crafts with Kids….

Well, the craft fair was a bit of a bust, but I’m hearing that from a lot of people who do them that people aren’t buying as much. They definitely didn’t at the one I was selling at!

After the mad rush to get items made, I have taken a break the last 2 days. Yesterday I was under the weather and son & I watched Dvd’s while cuddling on the sofa. 12 hours of sleep later and I feel much better! We booked a venue for his birthday party in January, then wrote out party invitations and made Candy Canes for his teachers.

Red, Green and Clear Tri-beads
Red, Green and Clear Tri-beads

He loves this craft and we made about 12 candy canes in about an hour or so. He’s not quite 4 yet, so that is a long time!

I got the tri-beads off Ebay and I already had the chenille stems (pipecleaners) from last year. He likes to use glittery ones, but you can use plain too.

Chenille Stems
Chenille Stems

He enjoys designing them, deciding which colour goes on next and is very good at putting them on. I fold the top & bottom of the chenille stem over for him and off he goes.

He wouldn’t let me take a photo of him stringing the beads on, he got camera-shy for some reason.

Bead Candy Cane Making
Bead Candy Cane Making

It’s an easy craft that makes really great Christmas Tree Decorations that no one would cringe at putting on their tree. The ones he made after the ones in the photo below became quite varied and random, no more colour blocks. We needed 7 of them for his teachers in Nursery, he made 8 and got bored part way through number 9…..



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