Father Christmas Letter Giveaway Feedback…

I posted in November that I was doing a Giveaway on a friend’s blog – ChelseaMamma and I was quite surprised to find the winner was male. (Sorry guys, but men don’t tend to enter Children’s Giveaways!) It was Allan Smith.

Eventually, I got his details, and the info I needed to write the letter. I was a bit bemused to find that he wanted the letter for his Mum. She has apparently had a not great year this year and he wanted to cheer her up as she loves Christmas. I wrote the letter, and sent it off to him. I asked him to let me know her reaction and he promised to. In a bit, I got this email:

Hi Denise,

We received the letter a couple of days ago, sorry for the delay in replying. She absolutely loved it. We placed both the reindeer food and letter in the letter box and knocked on the door so she would go and get it. She stood there holding it wondering what it was before actually reading the letter. She had a smile from ear to ear reading the letter. And the bag with the reindeer food in is amazing. Thank you so much again for this, it really has brightened her Christmas up.

Merry Christmas,


I am so glad to get feedback and am even happier when it’s wonderful Feedback. I will always sort out any problems if my customers give me the chance to – before it’s reached it’s final destination is best!

I’ve enjoyed writing the letters – I even hand-wrote one out that went to Japan as a “Good-bye for now from Santa” letter to a 9 year old girl; her mum told me what to write so it fit with what she wanted to tell her daughter. Her feedback – “Amazing. Just amazing. My daughter got excited. See you in the future.”

I will definitely be offering these again next year – and the Reindeer Food as well.


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