Charitable Donations

I get requests fairly often to donate something to a raffle/giveaway/other event. I don’t always say ‘Yes’. It depends on the charity asking, the event, , whether I feel my items are suitable, and how strongly I feel about the charity as well.

As I am also a Doula, I have donated money to a Doctor in Somalia who runs a free clinic helping women and babies – delivering babies, vaccinations, and other healthcare. Dr. Hawa Abdi treats anyone who needs help no matter who they are. She has confronted armed men wanting to shut her clinic down and kill her and told them to ‘go away'(not quite so politely). They did. No one messes with her. DHAF

I also donate to Global Giving – Forestry Training for 300 Farms in Kenya. They sell trees on credit to farmers who plant the trees and look after them helping to stop soil erosion and in 5 years, giving them an income from the fruit trees. This November, they gave out 30,000 trees to 100 farmers during the rainy season, and built 3 cisterns to harvest rainwater. There are other places to donate on Global Giving, take a look and see if there’s one that interests you. Global Giving – Forestry Training in Kenya

Locally, I donated one of my Fuzzy Scarves to a raffle for Ely MILKS, a local breast-feeding support group that had a craft fair recently where I had a table. I donate to other UK charities; usually small ones that are more specialist and less well-known. Ely MILKS


I have thought about donating to the Dylan Hockley Memorial Fund as well, but I have to think about how I’m going to fund it. I might donate a percentage of my sales in January & February but not quite decided yet. Perhaps from sales of my purple items….




What charities do you donate to? Have you ever thought about why you’ve chosen those particular ones?


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