New Year’s Resolutions

I never have bothered with New Year’s Resolutions. No one ever keeps them, and I think they just make people feel guilty and a failure for not keeping them.

One decision I have made, though, is to not buy any new supplies unless I have a custom order for as long as possible. I have lots of yarns and fabric, so really have no reason to buy anything else!

I’ve almost finished a new pentagon cowl, and then once that’s done I have some handwarmers to make for my hubby. Then I want to make a shawl – from some extra long eyelash yarn in a tan colour.

And along side that I want to design some draught excluders and some rag yarn items and also make some dish scrubbies from all the bits of dress net I have. And then there is Easter! I’m not going to make specific Valentine’s Day items, I don’t have the time right now.

Photos will get done as I can – the weather isn’t cooperating right now! I take my photos outside right now. Another project I want to do is to make a light box for my smaller items, I found a tutorial online before Christmas.

Here’s a few photos of my latest items – there are more, but the weather hasn’t co-operated!Most of these were made for the Craft Fair in December that was a bust….


Short Purple Ruffle Scarf
Short Purple Ruffle Scarf
Wide Ruffle Scarf
Wide Ruffle Scarf


Silver Metallic Scarf
Silver Metallic Scarf
Herringbone Flower Scarf
Herringbone Flower Scarf

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