Christmas Sales…

Specifically Father Christmas/Santa Letters, and Reindeer Food.

I wrote 12 FC/Santa letters, 7 with food. One was to a 59 year old Mum, who loved it and another was to a 9 year old girl in Japan, hand-written as a Goodbye from Santa letter. I loved writing all of them, I tried to write each individually and make them special to the child person they were for.

I made over 75 Reindeer Food Bags and sold 23. I made so many as I wanted to have enough for the Craft Fair I did that was supposed to be really busy and wasn’t.

I will be offering both again next year, and not just because I have lots of Reindeer Bags left over! The amount of Reindeer food I’ll up as well; I’d like them fuller next year. With all the Reindeer Food left over, well, what else can you do with it? We’ve made pink porridge and pink oatmeal biscuits….

Raw Dough
Raw Dough

Baked Biscuits
Baked Biscuits


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