I’m late! I’m late! (and injured)

As the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland would say….

I burned my hand last Wednesday. Not a little bit, not a small area, but a lot. I was making an “Apple Pie Pizza” for my hubby for breakfast – leftover pizza dough, chopped apple, cinnamon, sugar, butter. You get the idea. Popped it into the oven and when done, I took it out. The butter had leaked onto the cookie sheet so I started to mop it up before it dripped on my floor (no sides on the sheet). The paper towel caught some of the burnt sugar on the pan and then I dropped the paper towel when it got too hot onto my right hand. Sugar side down.

At least I was at the sink so it went straight under the cold water tap, so I didn’t lose any skin. It did blister up; and I went off to the hospital Minor Injuries Unit to have them have a look at it. The bandage has now been changed twice and blisters were popped the 2nd time. Manuka honey has been added to the new bandage I got today, which should help with healing.

The burn is on the back of my hand, and along my index finger, so it’s hard to bend it.

This means that the projects I had on the go have been put on hold as I just can’t get as much done as I want to! I’ve got photos to take, a headband, cowl, shawl, boob, and a little handbag to finish, an assignment to write, and 2 belly castings to rebook. I also have Easter items to make to get into my shop – an appliqued Easter Basket, and possibly a few drawstring bags as well. Not sure I’m going to be able to crochet a bag like I planned, but you never know.

I might post the recipe for the pizza dough next time… once I’ve recovered from the trauma!

Last Year's Easter Basket
Last Year’s Easter Basket

This basket was a one-off (a printed fabric pattern) but I’m using the idea it gave me to make some appliqued fabric baskets that wont’ take so much time to make!


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