New Postal Rates

Can you say ‘OUCH!’?


I can’t hear you!

That’s better.

Royal Mail have done it again. They upped their charges last April massively and they are doing it again this April. The link is here for their new pricelist.

I charge postage + a small packing charge. I don’t gouge on postage and only cover my costs. I don’t add Etsy/Folksy/Ebay/Paypal fees to my postage.

I refund any overpayments, of any amount for any item. I recently charged £2.85 postage for a pair of handawrmers that went Large Letter and refunded £1.50 to the buyer. And I’ve refunded 40p.

UK Postage:

So, Royal Mail, you’ve lost me as a customer when orders are larger than your lowest UK rate. I’ll be using myHermes for parcels in the UK that are over your 16cm x 16cm x 16cm or 35cm x 45cm x 8cm limits. Yes, you read that right – 8cm. For most of my items it means that my customers will wait the same 3-5 days as 2nd Class but only pay a little more for 2 items instead of 1. I would have to charge £5.85 for the next size parcel (medium) when someone ordered 2 scarves, for example.

Uk rates will be £3.25 for 1 item and add 50% for additional items. I’ll refund any overpayments as usual.

So, Royal Mail, put your prices up any more I won’t be using you at all, you will be too expensive to use in the UK.

International Postage:

Unless I want to use a courier, I still have to use Royal Mail. So my rates for postage to the rest of the world have gone up by 65p. And to Australia and New Zealand by 85p.

The new rates for 1 item are: Europe: £4.15; World: £5.15 and New Zealand and Australia: £5.35. Additional items are 50% off the 1st postal charge, overpayments will be refunded as always.

I wish I didn’t have to raise my postal charges, but I can’t afford to absorb the rate increases. It will be more complicated for me, but hopefully not so much more expensive that it puts people off ordering online from me. My other option is to increase my prices and ‘hide’ the increase, but I don’t feel that is fair on my customers.

Please do comment with your thoughts on Royal Mail’s increases and whether or not it will put you off buying online from small crafters like myself!


One thought on “New Postal Rates

  1. Just been through the prices myself and I think the small/medium parcel change will hit small businesses the hardest. Most of my items will be small I think but I will also by trying myHermes for anything larger!

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