Holiday Crafts for Kids….

As my son has been on Easter Holiday from school the last 2 weeks and has a week to go, we’ve been occupied with keeping him occupied…..

He is very good as an only child, to play by himself sometimes, usually at whatever he’s allowed to do. He does occasionally get up to mischief but it’s never been unrepairable. 🙂

We do crafty things and have been making a treasure box this holidays. It’s taken longer than I thought it would as he’s got an aversion to getting his hands mucky (?) and won’t get glue on them. We are taking torn up bits of tissue paper and decoupaging them to a paper mache box we got at Hobbycraft. We could have used a shoe box instead of buying one, but didn’t have one he hadn’t already wrecked….

I enjoy doing crafts with him, but it is rare he will sit still for long enough to finish something. The box has taken 3 sessions; he has to want to do something, if he doesn’t it’s a battle, and I’m not battling over a glue bottle!

Glue squiggled on the box.
Glue squiggled on the box.

He picked out the tissue paper. The decoupage paper, while coming in tons of styles and colours, was almost £4 for 3 small pieces and £8 to get paper to glue onto a £3 box was a bit much. He is only 4 and will probably stand on the box in a few weeks and crush it, though I could be wrong, so I didn’t want to spend that much this time. The tissue paper cost £1.70 or so.

FInished side of the box.
Finished side of the box.

We spread glue on the box, then added the tissue paper on top, gently pressing it into the glue. I will spread a gloss varnish on top to make sure the tissue paper stays on and be a bit more sturdy as well. Try not to put the glue on too large an area, the glue we used – regular PVA glue – started to dry before we got tissue paper on it at times. We did 2 sides at a time and let them dry before moving on to the next 2 sides.

Next time I’d use bright tissue paper so the cardboard colour doesn’t come through as much but he loves it. Not sure what he’s going to keep in it yet; he found a snail shell yesterday that he was going to put in it, but then crushed it accidentally.

He wants me to teach him how to knit next. Hmmm…….. an active 4 year old and knitting needles. *shudder*


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