It’s Funny, but….

I never manage to get to sew anymore. I’m sure my sewing mchine thinks I don’t love her anymore! I keep getting knitting and crochet orders – uteruses and baby hats/nappy covers. Partly because that’s what I started to do when I started Looking Glass Designs but every time I plan on getting some sewing done, something else comes up!

Sumersville Fabric
Sumersville Fabric

I have finished a trivet, oven mitt, pot holders, and a pan handle cover for me, as practice to make them for selling – now I have to make more for selling! I have some fat quarters from Lu Summer’s Etsy Shop Summersville that I bought last Autumn and I still haven’t been able to sit down and make anything with them. 1 FQ is ear-marked for a hat for my son, and I think that the other 3 will be made into something – trivet, potholders, cafetiere warmers….. I bought some other designer fabric FQ’s from a local shop and they keep calling to me, too.

My oven mitt
My oven mitt

I think after this Easter I will have to put down the hook and needles and get more done on my sewing machine. Although I do plan on making some crocheted rag items too…. I have to prepare the fabric first.

Pan handle Cover
Pan handle Cover

Now I’m thinking of making sets – oven mitts, pot holders, cafetiere warmers, all in the same fabric………..


3 thoughts on “It’s Funny, but….

  1. Is that an Amy Butler design? I love the fabric.
    I would definitely make matching sets, tie them with a coordinating ribbon and they’d make beautiful gift sets.

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