Etsy Teams

To succeed on Etsy is a lot of work, and I’m still working on it! One way to get some exposure and help is to be on some Etsy Teams, groups of sellers who promote and help one another. I am in a few teams and try to participate in the active ones.

I am ‘Shop of the Week’ this week on the Craftyfolk Team, which means the other 149 members of the team try to promote my items and hopefully get me a few sales. We get picked randomly and this is the first time I’ve been picked.

Some of the treasuries I’ve been featured in:

You are Invited to Tea!

Passion and Power

The Fairies Down the Garden

Bunny Bonanza

Untidy Minds

Midsummer Love

Take a peek, you never know, you might find the perfect gift or treat for yourself!

Here’s a bag I just listed on Etsy and Folksy –

Skirt Bag
Skirt Bag


3 thoughts on “Etsy Teams

  1. Etsy teams. Thanks for the tip! I’m thinking of trying an Etsy site soon – do you have any more helpful tips?

    1. There are lots of things to learn when you open an Etsy shop – how to write titles and tags (search terms) for each listing, how to take good photos, figuring out what will sell…. being on a team or 2 help you figure all that out. I’m not an expert, so I’d say to find a couple of good teams, read the forums, and look at what other people do that sell similar items to yours. Good luck!

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