Late night musings…

I’ve been pretty quiet online the last week or so – last week of nursery for my son, so we’ve had a busy time there with field trips, moving up days, and goodbye shows, along with clearing out his stuff from nursery. On Saturday I got the lurgy , now my son does. Hubby’s had a look-in on the weekend too. I had stuff to do online but just haven’t felt up to sitting at the computer. It’s the middle of the night and my throat is still killing me, so as long as I’m awake anyway, I thought I’d write a blog post…

These are the brooches I made for my son’s nursery school teachers – they each got to pick the colour they wanted. (I really can’t believe my baby will be in Reception in September, even if he is 3’8″ now).





The brooches are crocheted interlocking rings made from DMC embroidery floss & listed in my etsy shop here; they can be made in hundreds of colours. Which colour would you pick – or would you want a colour I haven’t made yet?


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