Flower Power

We have lots of roses – our neighbour planted a hot pink spray rose years ago, but we get most of the flowers as we get the sun on our side of the fence. There are upwards of 15 flowers on each branch, spread out on short stems of 2/3 flowers. They have faded in the heat over the last few days; they are usually hot pink. Of course, they never bloom at the same time, so there are some almost dead flowers along with the just-bloomed. Intermingled with them is her honeysuckle and wild blackberries that we’ll never get rid of, so we let them grow and pick them.



For our 6th wedding anniversary hubby gave me a yellow rose bush with thorns that are able to protect Fort Knox, very dangerous to handle. There is an upside as the roses are gorgeous; you just can’t cut them or risk heading off to hospital looking like you’ve been attacked by a porcupine rose bush. The flowers are a lovely yellow that changes to pink – every shade through peach to hot pink to almost red.







We had another rose bush but we managed to kill it through complete neglect – it was in a barrel until the barrel fell apart but we never moved it into the ground, so it dried up and died a few weeks ago.

I’ll try to get a photo of the iris – the seed heads are enormous!


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