Cooking with a Toddler…

We’ve been pleasantly surprised that our son has been really easy-going so far this summer holiday – during half-term holidays he’s been cranky, bored and grumpy as he doesn’t like change that much. (Now I’ve probably jinxed myself!)

We bought him his own cookbook and have made several of the recipes from it. It’s an Usborne Book – “30 Easy Things to Cook and Eat”. It’s got lots of drawings and photos of the steps in each recipe and easy to understand directions. My son, who’s 4.5 can easily follow the directions with only minimal help from us. He loves making cookies and rolling out the dough, so we’ve made Cheesy Chick Biscuits and Tiny Pink Cookies. The recipes are small and only make a small amount of dough, so we’ve started doubling them to make a decent amount worth putting the oven on for, but the small recipes make it easy for a toddler to mix and stir.

The Book!
The Book!

We actually made 2 batches of the Tiny Pink Cookies – in green and orange; son didn’t want pink cookies. They were easy to make and disappeared very quickly. The cheesy Chick Biscuits were very similar to cheese straws – the dough is a shortcrust pastry – and again were very tasty.

There could have been a better balance of sweet and savoury recipes – 6 are savoury and the rest are sweet. The soup recipe, a Chunky Leek Soup – is also not going to appeal to many toddlers or children. A different flavour soup – tomato with pasta shapes for example, would have been a better choice.

Fudge Recipe
Fudge Recipe

Overall, it’s a good first cookbook for a toddler who is interested in cooking and reading recipes.


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