Drop Stitch Ladder Scarf – Free Pattern!

I love playing with new toys, you know, yarn, fabric, new needles….. I saw this yarn and had to buy it. The yarn is a chain yarn – it looks like a crochet foundation chain creating bulk and warmth and is made from a 35% wool, 65% acrylic blend.

Then… I had to make something with it and came up with this pattern a while ago. The scarf is warmer than it looks, even with the open drop stitches. I just realised I never shared it on here! So, here you go, enjoy!

If you’d like to buy the yarn, I sell it here.

Chunky Drop Stitch Ladder Scarf

Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf
Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf ©Looking Glass Designs

This free pattern* is for a chunky winter scarf made from a superbulky chain yarn. I used 2 skeins of Ice Yarns Superbulky Chain yarn; you’ll need approx. 57M to make yours in another yarn of the same weight. The scarf is 4″ wide and approx. 64″ long.

Download Now

Let me know if you make this scarf – send me a photo and I’ll pop it on here!

*This pattern is Copyright to Looking Glass Designs (2013). You have permission to sell the finished item from this pattern but rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying the pattern itself is prohibited. Please include a link back to my etsy shop or blog in all sales/listings of the item. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


6 thoughts on “Drop Stitch Ladder Scarf – Free Pattern!

  1. hello, I would like to know why can’t you just print out the instructions for people instead
    of downloading all the time?

    1. HI Vicki – because I’ve decided to publish the patterns I design on Ravelry where I can offer the patterns as PDF’s only. It allows me to keep track of how many have been downloaded and prevents people from ignoring my copyright permissions. Cheers, Denise

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