Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

I love Halloween, it’s cold, a little spooky, and you get to walk around at night dressed up funny without anyone calling the police on you. (we hope!) I had a ‘special’ bucket to collect candy in when I was a kid, and created a few crocheted trick or treat bags last year in memory of my bucket which were quite popular.

I have added to my pumpkin bag and ghost bag from last year with 4 new ones – Frankie, Arnold, George and Sylvia. I don’t name them, my son does and I have no idea where the names came from – he wants to keep them all, you see, so he hopes that by naming them he can keep them!


I also have a big Frankie Bag, he’s a grown-up version of Frankie…

Big Frankie

All are available in my Etsy/Folksy/Ebay shops… and of course there’s a Frankie Bag in my Giveaway on my FB Page – http://bit.ly/17SFnbc (mobile-friendly link!)


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