Free Knitting Patterns….

If you visit here regularly, (Thanks!) you’ll notice that perhaps a few more people are ‘liking’ my posts and following my little blog.

I was approached a little while ago about letting my free knitting patterns get published on I did have to think about it; but decided that it would be a good idea to get a little more traffic on my blog, and as I get more patterns designed and written perhaps a few sales would come my way for the patterns I sell.

Summer Scarf
Summer Scarf

I certainly wasn’t expecting to log on about 2 weeks ago and see my stats page going mad! I had over 1,000 hits that day, and 260 the next. I usually average about 40. you see, so wasn’t expecting to see this huge spike in the graph. And that was just for 1 pattern – the Drop Stitch Chunky Scarf on the Patterns page.

Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf
Chunky Drop Stitch Scarf

I’ve added another one – the Simple Summer Scarf – to the website as well and am working on a cowl and handwarmer set – the cowl pattern will be free while the handwarmer pattern will be for sale. It’s in a lovely cream bamboo yarn – I just have to get them finished! Every time I think I can get them done, something else comes up, like an order, and I have to do that first. I hope in the next week they’ll get finished and posted.

I am also going to start selling other patterns – is there anything you’ve been looking for, or have seen in my shop and would like to have the pattern for?


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