Etsy Team Shop of the Week….

I’ve talked about Etsy Teams before and I’m in a few. Some I don’t participate much in but do a lot of reading to help me get more sales in my shop – that’s why I’m on Etsy after all!

Some teams have a promotion called ‘Shop of the Week’ and I was lucky enough to get picked this week – it’s always a surprise when you get a convo (message) telling you that you have been picked.

This team is is a UK seller team called “Team GB”. It features UK sellers and tries to promote our shops and listings.

I’ve had tons of items favourited and I’ve had several treasuries made for my items to be featured in:

Get Ready for the Cold Weather

Deeply Purpley

Everyone is a Moon and has a Dark Side

Got to get Ready Early

I like being in treasuries and seeing who else I’ve been featured with; it’s hard making a pretty treasury, there has to be some kind of theme or it’s just a mishmash of items.

Here’s a few more treasuries I’ve been in – maybe you’ll find the perfect gift!

Let me Be Frank

Cats, Bats and Witchy Hats

Treat Yourself to Autumn


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