Waves Infinity Scarf

I’ve finally managed to write out a new pattern! It’s free, and for an Infinity Scarf, my first. It’s a warm and cosy cowl or scarf made from a lovely bamboo blend yarn. It’s long enough to wrap twice around you neck, but not so long when a single loop it won’t keep your front warm.

Waves Infinity Scarf
Waves Infinity Scarf ©Looking Glass Designs

It’s based on a simple 4 row repeat with only 3 stitches, so anyone can knit it up!

You can get the pattern from my Ravelry store – download here

You can get the yarn here in my yarn store.

Doubled up
Doubled up ©Looking Glass Designs
Width of Scarf
Width of Scarf ©Looking Glass Designs>

Here’s a photo of Susan wearing her version of this infinity scarf. She made it with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino from her stash and is narrower than the pattern calls for, as she didn’t have enough yarn to complete a larger size. It looks great on you, Susan!

Susan in her Waves Cowl!
Susan in her Waves Cowl!

18 thoughts on “Waves Infinity Scarf

    1. Hi – WYIF means ‘with yarn in the front’so you Purl 1, slip the next stitch onto the right hand needle as if you are going to purl, and you make sure the yarn is in the front of the work. You purl the next stitch and you end up with a loop in between 2 purl stitches. Hope that helps! Denise

      1. Hi – I’d love to see it! You can add a photo to the ravelry pattern entry or you can email me a photo to looking(dot)glass(dot)designs(dot)12(at)gmail(dot)com.

        Thanks! Denise

  1. Love this pattern! I made mine in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and it’s so soft around my neck! It was stash that I had, so I made mine narrower than the pattern calls for, because I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn to complete the larger size.

  2. Hi, I am a bit confused on the pattern row 2. I must be doing something wrong as I end up with 7 stitches on my needle? Am I reading the pattern incorrectly?

  3. I’m also having trouble with the wave pattern. When I got to the end of the row I did not have enough stitches left for p1 k4? Was I suppose to P1 k4 after each 8 p1 s1 wyif’s. Making each step 13 stitches

    1. Hi – there are 21 stitches in each repeat. Once you start the wave stitch, place markers every 21 stitches so you know when you have miscounted. Hope that helps! Denise

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