Christmas Season…

Well, it’s offically here, the Christmas Season. The season when we look back with Christmas-tinted glasses and nostalgia about how perfect the Christmas season was in our childhoods – something like this:



Children playing
Children playing

Of course, Christmas Past is nothing like we’d like to remember – adult family members getting drunk, getting the worst presents imaginable with nothing that you asked Santa for, the dire threats about breaking that ‘special’ christmas ornament… and don’t forget all the fights with bored siblings through the school holidays!

In our house right now, my son is singing “The First Noel” over and over and over and over and over and over again, as only a 4 1/2 year old can. He’s practicing for the school concert where all the Reception children are going to be Angels…. hmm, wishful thinking I think!

Hubby is failing at hiding the Christmas presents he’s bought early. I’m not trying to look, but when he gives me his pannier bag to empty out his lunch debris and then I say ‘what’s this?” as I pull out a bag from his pannier which he then grabs and say’s “Don’t look!”

We are planning our Christmas Dinner, and I am wondering about getting a small cut tree this year instead of using our 2ft fake one, or in addition to – we have enough decorations, and son and I are planning on making lots when his holidays start too.

Orders are picking up, just at the same time I’m working on a business plan to start another business – still crafting, but marketed elsewhere, not just online.

And we have that school concert at Ely Cathedral. Of course, it starts after son’s bedtime..He will either fall asleep before it starts, or refuse to go to bed until midnight…


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