Laptop Hell….

I haven’t been able to get on here almost since my last post! The 8 year old Dell laptop I’m currently using is becoming particularly fussy about what it will let me access lately.

It seems it doesn’t like blogs anymore, I can’t even get onto some of the ones I follow or links from Ravelry when I’m pattern-browsing. So it looks like I’ll be adding a new laptop to my business plan for the new venture starting next year. I wanted to start it before now, but the business plan is taking longer to get written than I expected, and it needs to be very good to get the funding I need.

I’m thinking of getting an Apple Laptop, nothing fancy, as this Dell has forever put me off getting another of these. This one was 2nd-hand, but started to go wrong almost as soon as we got it. It has to stay attached to the mains, without a battery in it, or it won’t turn on at all. Even then, sometimes I have to unplug the mains cable and hold down the ‘On’ button for 20-25 seconds then plug in the mains again and try to turn it on – repeat until it turns on. A bit scary, cause one day I know it just won’t turn on again!

I’ll try to post a new post complete with photos in a few days, I’m slightly inundated with Christmas orders – which is a very nice way to start December off!


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