How to Knit. Really. Part 1.

This is what happens when I knit to sell. Really. (Random photo next)

Waves Infinity Scarf
Waves Infinity Scarf

Handmade takes time. Handmade takes love. Handmade takes…..patience. Below is the flow of a possible conversation about a custom order. It takes place over several days.

First message to me: I love your shop, it’s so lovely! Can you make me a flubberbuff? Can you make it for next week?

I say: Yes, I can make you a flubberbuff. I will try to make it as quickly as possible but it most likely won’t get to you by next week. Where do you live? Any colour you would like? What size do you need?

They say: Any colour! I’m at the South Pole! I would like it made from this yarn in this listing (inserts link). It needs to be a size 10.

I say: That yarn won’t work for a flubberbuff/it will be really expensive to make with that yarn/take too long in that size/need handwashing and take days to air-dry. What do you like about that yarn? It could take several weeks to get to you by post. Do you know the measurements of the person that’s getting the flubberbuff?

They say: I love the colour – it’s blue! Can you find a soft yarn? I don’t want my flubberbuff itchy!

I say: I don’t knit with scratchy yarns. I can make it with this one, (insert photos here), is there a colour you like in these photos?

No response for 2 days.

They say: The 4th photo. Will size 12 fit my little 35 year old? He’s big for his age.

I say: The blue/purple one? The flubberbuff will be 35000 Bubbles + 1500 Bubble postage. I will let you know when it’s posted, probably at the end of next week. Can you send me measurements to make sure it will fit?

No response for 2 days.

They say: HOW MUCH?! Can you do it for 20000 Bubbles? I really need it for next week. No, not the blue/purple one, the 5th photo, the red one. I can send measurements, he wears a size 58 shoe, so should wear a size 14 flubberbuff.

I say: I can’t make it for less. A flubberbuff is complicated and takes several days to make. I will order the yarn once you’ve paid and will start it as soon as I can, but I won’t get it done before the end of next week or early into the following week.

They say: OK. Let me know when it’s made and I’ll send payment.

I say: Here is the link to the listing (insert link). Custom items aren’t made or supplies ordered until I have received payment. I will order the yarn as soon as you’ve paid.

They say:Oh, OK, didn’t know some sellers do that. I haven’t had to pay in advance before.

They say: I’ve ordered and paid.

I say: Thanks, I will need those measurements to make sure this size fits.

They say: Will send them!

Then I don’t from them for 9 days. So I make the size 14 flubberbuff in the meantime, (figuring it’s better to be too big than too small in a flubberbuff) pray it fits and send it off. Or I get approximate measurements, make the size 14 flubberbuff, pray it fits and send it off.

Now, actually making a size 14 Flubberbuff is a whole other post!


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