Review – My Sewing Machine – SMD 2000

Just thought I’d reblog this as it’s so popular!

Through The Looking Glass

This is a review I first posted on my old blog and thought it was a good idea to repeat it again!

I’ve noticed I am getting a few Google Searches for my Sewing Machine – a Janome SMD 2000. So I thought I’d give a review.

It has been a very good buy, to start with. It’s easy to thread, and the needle threader is great, no more squinting to get the needle threaded. The bobbin winder is smooth and fast, and again, easy to figure out. I’ve used the Applique mode on a very fine, slippery polyester satin and the machine handled it well, no pulling or catching on the fabric even on a star shape applique.
It’s gone through 6 layers of fleece fabric without flinching and also has sewn tulle as well with the same ease. I have had the thread break once, but that was…

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