a little update….

Boy, things are crazy here! It’s son’s birthday tomorrow, so there are 36 cupcakes cooling on the counter, I’ve had a few orders, made 5 new items, taken hundreds of photos, created a new local Etsy Team – Cambridgeshire Artisans with another etsy seller, the lovely Gail Pither, who’s shop is CrossStitchCards.

Of course, I cross-stitch too, so we had at least 1 thing in common off the bat! We hope to get the team active, with meet-ups, a blog, facebook page called Cambridgeshire Artisans and other events, promotions and promote our region’s craftsmen and women.

I’ve been struggling with sleeping properly, so have been a bit erratic with getting things done, but they are getting done!


One of my more recent commissions were these sweet little stockings.


They were ordered to commemorate a stillbirth of twins and I have another order for the same reason. I’m not quite sure if I should list them Etsy/Folksy or not…. and what would I call them?

Will have to have a think about it…..


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