Etsy School

A couple of times a year Etsy offers an “Etsy school”. Teams sign up for it, then your team captain pairs the shops up so you can help each other to improve each shop. It has 3 themes over 4 weeks -the first week is a ‘get to know you week’ and the other 3 weeks have their own topics.

Last time I signed up for it, I ended up being partnered with a shop that just opened but wasn’t actually interested in improving their shop and gave me no help in mine.

This year I am a Team Captain – my team is a local Etsy Team called Cambridgeshire Artisans. We have about 32 members, 11 of which have signed up for the school. There’s a guidebook and a set of exersises to help the shop owner decide what they want to work on, so hopefully we’ll get some good improvements in our shops.

It starts tomorrow, with a shop critique for your partner and deciding what you want them to look at in your shop and what you want to work on in the next 4 weeks. We plan on having a meet-up at the end of the month – for tea and cake!

A few of the lovely items in the team are Here


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