Cosmo Feature!

In case you missed it, I was featured on the Cosmo website recently! I was approached through Folksy (my shop) about being in an article about people crafting ladies’ bits and they wanted to know if they could feature my knitted uterus listing.

So I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off getting Hi-res photos done and getting them, along with a specially written uterus pattern, to the journalist in time. I ended up not being in the article, but the pattern and photo was added to the Cosmo website along with a link to my Folksy Shop. The photo below isn’t the same uterus in the pattern link; that one is for a small uterus without any of the blood vessels and ovaries etc.

Here’s the webpage

Knitted Uterus
Knitted Uterus

2 thoughts on “Cosmo Feature!

  1. Can you share the pattern for the “bits” that are added to the uterus? A prenatal yoga teacher friend has asked me to knit your pattern and I would like to include the “bits” you show in the photo (fallopian tubes and placenta). Thank you.

    1. Hello – The free pattern in this blog post is for a small uterus and is not the same one shown in the photo. I don’t currently have a pattern for the uterus with the blood vessels, ovaries etc. available. When it is, it will be in my etsy shop as part of a kit.

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