Photos, photos, photos, where are you?

Photos. The bane of my existence. At least when I can’t take any. My old camera only takes semi-decent shots outside and as it’s been dark, cloudy, raining or all 3 at the same time, I haven’t been able to get photos taken.

I’ge got a basket, a pair of handwarmers and matching boot-toppers, button heart embroideries, and a neckwarmer to get photographed. I only got these done because if a 5 minute break in cloudcover that day….

Men's cowl/neckwarmer
Men’s cowl/neckwarmer

At least this is now in my shops – here.

HUbby's button heart for Valentines Day
HUbby’s button heart for Valentines Day

We worked on photos last week for the etsy school, or at least we were supposed to, but as I couldn’t retake any, I’ve stalled on revamping my shop photos. As it’s SEO this week, I’ll be working on that with the help of some worksheets provided by etsy. Onward and upwards, or so they say…..


One thought on “Photos, photos, photos, where are you?

  1. Received the two scarves, both are beautiful! Bought them for presents, but am tempted to keep one for myself! Thank you very much.

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