Etsy Euro Team Captain Summit!


I was the last to arrive in Berlin, so just went straight to bed at the hotel…

The next morning I went downstairs to find a chatting group of ladies that could only be etsy team captains and we all walked over to Betahaus around the corner for breakfast and the conference. Breakfast was a continental breakfast of gorgeous artisan breads, cheeses, vegan ‘meats’, fruit, tea & coffee. (Should I mention that we went through a whole jar of Nutella on Sunday?)

Getting to know you...
Getting to know you…

When we walked in, there were tote bags with badges on them, one for each of us, and filled with goodies – notebooks, pencil, team captain summit bag, and a craft item. I got a 4″ embroidery hoop. Not everyone spoke English as a first language, which was lovely to listen to – I’m Canadian and had forgotten that not everyone speaks English with a British accent…. usually I’m the only one with an ‘accent’.

Tote Bag Goodies
Tote Bag Goodies
Sophie modelling the tote bag
Sophie modelling the tote bag

Once Emily, who organised everything, got our attention, we went into groups for a team-building exersise – our craft item chose the groups. We had to find out 10 things about our group that were the same – some were etsy-based, some were silly and some more personal. Then we read them to the rest of the room – to lots of giggles and laughter.

ETsy Admins
ETsy Admins
Team building time
Team building time

There were other group exersises about how to run a successful team, what’s out there to use to create workshops, webinars etc. for our teams. Some were really quite hard to do but made us think outside of our usual boxes or comfort zones. I made tons of notes that I have yet to digest…. and I’m sure my fellow team captains did the same.

I got to find out what being an etsy seller is like in other countries (*reminder – Never upset a Greek university student, rioting is almost on the curriculum there!) and also what works and what doesn’t for a great etsy team event.

Silja with the Team Map
Silja with the Team Map

7-8 team leaders made presentations – about how to and how not to open a Pop-up shop, how to oraganise a protest against a postal service, how to manage a team and keep it active. Some talked about their experiences running a workshop, organising a giant giveaway, or how they support new team members and new etsy sellers.

Annabel's presentation
Annabel’s presentation

The hugest point I think EVERYONE made was to plan ahead! Delegate, give yourself time to fix things that don’t work, have expectations of those that agree to help you, and that a successful Team Captain makes decisions. Teams don’t usually work well when run by committee.

I’ll be posting about more specific topics in the future as I ruminate and digest the weekend’s huge amount of info! (And wish I could have stayed for cake….) Saturday’s dinner deserves a whole post on its own.


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