Where to Find Me…

I’ve decided to reorganise my shops. They are too mixed up and eclectic so I decided to split up everything I make into 3 shops. I get bored easily and can’t just make the same things all the time!

All my knitted uterii and other body parts (coming soon!) are now in a new Etsy Shop – Anatomical Knits

Knitted Uterus
Knitted Uterus

Home Decor will be exclusively in my Folksy Shop – Looking Glass Designs Folksy Shop

Ruffle Bowls
Ruffle Bowls

Wearable Designs will be in the current Etsy Shop – Looking Glass Designs Etsy Shop

Grey/Black Infinity Cowl
Grey/Black Infinity Cowl

Camera Chicks and other Camera Buddies will be available in the bottom 2 shops as well as on Ebay.

Camera Chick
Camera Chick

If there is something you can’t find, or would like me to make for you, you can email me here – looking(dot)glass(dot)designs12(at)gmail(dot)com


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