Aistė Kesminaitė-Jankauskienė, Drop of Amber – Guest Blog Post

This guest blog post is by Aistė Kesminaitė-Jankauskienė, another Etsy Team Leader/Shop Owner of –Drop of Amber I met in Berlin – she helps run the Etsy Lithuania Team and had a great presentation about how the team banded together to protest postal rate changes by their country’s postal service.


I am an amber artist from Lithuania. Started hand-crafting since well, since I can remember myself actually. My grandfather was a national amber artist and this sparked my love to creating jewellery. At first it was learning various different techniques and then I finally settled on learning “real” jewellery making so to speak. This is what lead me to my current Etsy shop.

Amethyst Azuras
Amethyst Azuras

The name Drop of Amber is associated with the sea and amber which we call Lithuanian gold.
I spend a while trying to work out, what name would be best for my shop and debated between Drop of Sun and Drop of Amber, finally the latter won and I love it!
My shop has been open for a while but empty or almost empty — just tried it out but didn’t put any work or love into it for almost 2 years.

Last year I decided that I had enough of boring office work and would try to make jewellery making my day job. And here I am — active on Etsy and working my way towards my goal.
I get my inspiration from Lithuanian history and nature — amber is a very tactile and natural material, that makes me search for ways to express the beauty that I see around me, so that other people can experience it too.

Amber Hoop
Amber Hoop

The way I run my business at the moment is a by hectic — I still work in my day job, I also breed cats and ride horses 🙂 as you can see, quite a busy life. But none the less I try to make it as structured as possible, otherwise i would forget a lot of things and that just won’t do as many people and pets rely on me remembering these things 🙂
What I love most about running my own business is being my own boss — I can spend a day riding around and enjoying a beautiful forest if the weather is right and then spend a weekend at my workbench, because it’s raining.

Amber Love Pendant
Amber Love Pendant

The least favourite part of running my own business is accounting… I cannot stand paperwork, but i learned to do it and try not to stay too far behind on it so as not to make my life even more difficult.

In addition to horses and cats my free time also gets crammed with reading as many books as I find time for (I particularly enjoy fantasy and Sci-fi books), playing Magic the Gathering (a collectable card game) and participating in various LARPs (live action role playing games) — those also require costumes and jewellery to go with the costumes, that is probably my favourite part of the whole LARP experience.

My advice for you, who wants to start a shop is to have a clear idea of what you really would like to make — do not scatter yourself all over the place, it is better to make good things, not many things. And most of all — make sure you enjoy what you make!

Amber Spiral
Amber Spiral

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Thanks so much, Aistė! A great insight into your shop and how you got started.


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