Camera Buddies

Through The Looking Glass

Camera chicks, monsters, animals and aliens…. oh my!

These cute little creatures are used to draw the attention of small children and babies to the camera instead of everywhere else when taking photos of them. My favourite feedback so far: “3.5month laughed as I took it out the parcel, must be good!”

They are made from soft cotton yarn and hair elastics that don’t have any metal on them so they don’t scratch the lens casing when you put them on.

I’m working on getting the patterns ready so you can purchase them either singly or in 3’s.

This little puppy is one of my favourites –
Puppy Puppy

Then there’s the ever popular chick – watch the birdie!
Camera Chick Camera Chick

One of my newest ones is a friendly little alien…..
Red Alien Red Alien

as is one of my popular ones, in pink
Pink Alien Pink Alien

Then again, teddy is pretty…

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