Dress Dishcloths

My sister sent me this pattern book for dress dishcloths…

I have no idea why…. I use a sponge to wash my dishes, but I thought they looked quirky so decided to make one up and see…. they hang over the neck of your washing up liquid bottle. I altered the neck part of the cloth that goes around the bottle top, the original instructions for this pattern didn’t fit. It’s made from 100% cotton yarn, which I have in about a dozen colours now from making camera buddies.

Purple Dishcloth Dress
Purple Dishcloth Dress

I haven’t used it to wash dishes with, it’s too cute! I’ll be adding them to my Folksy Shop in a few days once I’ve made a few more. I think they’d be perfect for a quirky hostess gift, a stocking stuffer, or just if you want to hide the label on your bottle of washing-up liquid.

Well, I couldn’t wait to add the first one to my shop – here and I’ve got another one almost done as well. They won’t be going in my Etsy shop as I’m moving all home decor/non-wearable items exclusively into my Folksy Shop


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