Striped Capelette Pattern

I designed this a few months ago and the finished capelette has been in my shop for a while now.

Striped Capelette Front
Striped Capelette Front ©Looking Glass Designs

I have been waiting for test knitters to finish their test knits for me, and giving me feedback on the pattern. It’s turned out a little different than I expected from my knitting, but I haven’t worn the one I made.

The weight of the capelette stretches to make it longer than when it has first been finished. It’s knit from a variety of yarns, in a similar DK weight on large needles, which is great to use up left over yarns from other projects. I’ve adjusted the pattern to account for the stretch but if you like a longer capelette, you can add 1.5″ to the capelette before starting the decreases.

If you’ve made this capelette please do let me know how you got on with my pattern – and send me a photo to add to the post!

Striped Capelette Back
Striped Capelette Back ©Looking Glass Designs

The pattern is now listed on Ravelry — Striped Capelette Pattern!


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